How to gain "Expert status," unlock
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Terry Duff

Saturday, May 27, 2017

From:  The Desk Of Terry Duff.

Re:  How To Become An Expert And Have Your Prospects Clamoring To Hand You Their Money.

Dear Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur,

There's an underground secret being withheld from you...

It's a secret so powerful that it's the only thing that separates those consistently earning 6 & 7 figures and those earning tiny commission checks.

So powerful in fact that it's personally led to breakthroughs such as these...

Over $172,000.00!
Over $522,000.00 in a few months!

And paydays like this...

Over $14,000.00 in a single week!
Over $7,000.00 in a SINGLE DAY!
Over $10,000.00 in a SINGLE DAY!

The interesting thing is that these have ONLY taken place because I understand 1 simple (yet critical) key when it comes to business building...

It's the single secret that very few people really understand.


It's the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ingredient to your success!

It's the power of POSITIONING.

For you to gain "expert" status, positioning must take place.

To have prospecting clammoring...begging to know more about your offerings, you MUST position yourself as a leading authority and establish yourself as an expert in your market.

This is the ONLY difference between those who just flounder and get by versus those who are living life on their terms, they're writing their own checks and taking home piles of after day, month after month...year after year.

Which side of that do you want to be on?

It's your ability to be come an EXPERT in the eyes
of your prospects

This is the ONLY variable that's keeping you from living the life you've been wanting to.

Those with expert status, write the rules.

They dictate who buys from them or who signs up on their team - they're in control over all of it.

They call the shots.

Isn't that what you should be doing?  The alternative is convincing, pulling arms and practically begging others to buy something from you.

Here's a "real world" example...

When your car breaks down do you want a mechanic who's been in the industry for a while who knows what he or she is doing?

Or would you rather have someone who's brand new, never had any formal training and doesn't know the difference between a battery and a radiator?

You'd much rather have the expert, right?

You're confident they'll get it done right, the first time and you'll be back on the road quickly.

Your prospects want that same level of comfort!

If they don't trust you and believe that you're an expert that can help them, they'll move on to the next person who they believe can help.

Don't get lost in the dust because your prospects don't perceive you as an expert - the harsh reality is that it's likely already cost you BIG BUCKS.

Don't let the blood bath continue.

We happily part ways with our hard earned money when we trust the other party can genuinely provide the solution to a problem we have.

Not only do we buy from experts, but we ENJOY it and do it with a SMILE.

Think about the purchases you make in your own life.

No one holds a gun to your head or forces you to buy from the places/people/companies that you do.  You do it because you know or trust the source or for convenience purposes.

That's it.

It's pretty simple when we think about it.

I want to help you put yourself in the pathway of your audience so they buy from YOU and not from one of the other thousands of options they have.

It's when your audience WANTS to do business with you.

Simply put, being an expert in your market
makes you more money.

As an expert, your prospects WELCOME and EMBRACE your offers.

You can have the best products or services in the world - but without an audience that WANTS to hear more about what you've got, you're dead in the water.

And it's the SINGLE key that's holding you back from having the same types of paydays I just shared with you in the above screen shots...

Knowing this powerful secret can be the difference between you earning a hefty 6 or 7 figure annual income...and you becoming part of a dreadful statistic and not making a dime as a home based business owner.

Understanding the power of positioning...

When you think of WalMart, what comes to mind?

The low cost leader for practically any household item under the sun, right?

When you think of Best Buy, what comes to mind?

You think of electronics/devices.

When you hear AT&T, you think...

"Your world, delivered".

These companies have spent BILLIONS of dollars to position themselves in their market place.


And when you look at their balance sheets, the returns they experience are massive.

Best Buy has over $10,000,000,000.00 in liquid assets - that's 10 BILLION dollars!

WalMart has over $52,000,000,000.00 in liquid assets - that's over 52 BILLION dollars!

AT&T has over $268,000,000,000.00 in liquid assets - that's over 268 BILLION dollars!

It's safe to say the time and effort they put into positioning themselves as the expert in their market was well spent.

Big time.

Most people think, "Well, I can't do what they do - they have huge marketing budgets and I don't."

Sound familiar?

I used to have that same frame of mind...

I thought it wasn't possible to essentially position myself in the industry as the expert in that area simply because I'd have to spend millions of dollars.

The thinking was dead wrong.

The reality is that you and I can do
this for FREE.

We don't have to spend one red cent to position ourselves as the leading authority - and have prospects clamoring to us and HAPPILY hand us their money.

But you do have to know 3 key things to succeed.

You need 3 things...and only 3 things to position yourself
as an expert to your audience:

1.  A site that discusses YOU (not your company or your products).

2.  Traffic to your site (you need an audience, right?).

3.  You need to know what to communicate to them and how to do it for massive and fast results.

That's it.

You can obtain "Expert Status" without taking a dime out of your pocket!  The best part is that once you're considered an expert in your market, prospects begin APPROACHING YOU.

How hard is it to offer your stuff when they're asking questions WANTING TO BUY YOUR STUFF?

Whether you're selling your own products online, maybe your an affiliate marketer or a network marketer - it makes no difference.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level understanding, mastering and implementing this concept is paramount.

I'm going to share with you my top secret and proven formulas to make this happen.

Now I'm putting everything you need to know on
a silver platter so you can do the same for yourself...
Expert Status
Here's what you're about to have instant access to:

Terry, I was fortunate enough to receive a "review copy" a couple of days ago.  Man, all I can say is that I'm blown away with the power of the information and it's like nothing I've seen before.

You nailed this out of the park my friend.

Brian Netia, Nevada

I've never seen anything like this before.  I've been a home based business owner for over 11 years (with multiple companies) and your "plan of attack" is straight forward, to the point and it all makes sense.

This is going to make all the difference in the world for me!

Mike Morgan, Pennsylvania

Terry, I can't tell you how many times I've been burned buying stuff like this on a "whim" believing everything in the sales letter.  Typically, there's a whole lot of smoke and mirrors and then I needed to spend countless more dollars after the purchase to get it to work "the right way".

"Expert Status" is so straight forward and I really enjoyed your teaching style.  And I didn't have to spend another cent after buying it!  Brownie points to you for creating this great product that every entrepreneur should own.

Shelly Temple, Virginia

This is an absolute steal at ANY price! I just went through the core training video and it's an absolute gold mine.  I can't wait to apply these angles and nuggets into my business.  You sir, are a marketing genius and second to none at showing us "regular peeps" how to enter and dominate any market we choose to.

Oh, and the extra bonuses you throw in are worth their weight in gold!

Customer for life,

Christina Mervin, California

And to make sure you have absolutely NOTHING to risk, this is backed by my no questions asked, 1 year guarantee!

What's something like this worth?

The reality is that I could easily justify charging thousands of dollars for this information.  You won't find it anywhere else because it doesn't exist elsewhere.

These are the same principles and proven strategies I've personally been using for the past several years to absolutely crush it in network marketing as well as several different niche markets online (including credit restoration, skin care, anti-aging, swimming pool maintenance, ponds and waterfalls, as well as many others).

The reality is in my eyes this MUST be affordable to everyone.

To anyone who's SERIOUS about improving their life.

To anyone who's committed to go through the material and apply the concepts I teach.

It's because I know the importance of getting this in the hands of every entrepreneur that I'm practically giving it away...

Not for $197.00

Not for $147.00

For a one-time fee of just...


Yes, $97 bucks.

If you would like to place your order by calling our
office, you can reach us at 800-390-7607.

There are no monthly fees or anything else that's necessary to spend your hard earned money on.

This is a stand alone product - and I truly mean that nothing else is necessary to make this work for you.  That's why I don't even have an upsale for this...

Buy the product.

Get it registered.

Put it to use.

It's that simple.

If you're looking to gain expert status, become a leading authority in your niche market, look no further.  You really can't go wrong here...

And to sweeten the deal a bit, I'm
including 3 very valuable bonuses!

That's $343.00 in FREE bonuses
that I'm throwing in.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingertips.

Remember, “Expert Status” is backed by my unconditional
1 year full guarantee.  If you're not happy for any reason, shoot
me an email and we'll process a full refund - no questions asked.

Not having this information in your arsenal has already cost you big - you've lost out to countless dollars simply because others wouldn't listen to what you had to say.

All because you weren't an expert in their eyes.

Today, right now, all of that's going to change.  Never again do you have to worry about others not paying attention to your offers simply because they didn't perceive you as an expert who really knew what you were talking about.

If you take no action today and view this as "yeah, another one of "those" long winded sales letters", where will your business be at this time next year?

I'm shouldering 100% of the risk here.

I'll see you on the other side.

You'll have immediate access once you register your product so you can start learning and applying this money-making information today!

Here's to you making more money,

Terry Duff

P.S.  I've deliberately priced this for less than dinner for two at a mediocre restaurant.  The reality is that you can't afford NOT to have your eyeballs glued to this money making information - whether you're a network marketer, info-marketer, IM'er, coach, consultant, etc, "Expert Status" is an absolute MUST OWN PRODUCT.

If you would like to place your order by calling our
office, you can reach us at 800-390-7607.